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AWS Directory Service Add Ip Routes

If the DNS server for your on-premises domain uses a publicly addressable IP address, you must add a CIDR address block to correctly route traffic to and from your Microsoft AD on Amazon Web Services.

AWS EC2 Describe Vpc Classic Link Dns Support

Describes the ClassicLink DNS support status of one or more VPCs.

AWS EC2 Disable Vpc Classic Link Dns Support

Disables ClassicLink DNS support for a VPC.

AWS EC2 Enable Vpc Classic Link Dns Support

Enables a VPC to support DNS hostname resolution for ClassicLink.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Check D N S Availability

Checks if the specified CNAME is available.

AWS Route 53 Get Change

Returns the current status of a change batch request. The status is one of thefollowing values: PENDING indicates that the changes in this request have not replicatedto all Amazon Route 53 DNS servers. This is the initial status o...

AWS Route 53 Delete Health Check

Deletes a health check. Send a DELETE request to the/2013-04-01/healthcheck/health check ID resource.ImportantAmazon Route 53 does not prevent you from deleting a health check even if the health check isassociated with one or more resou...

AWS Route 53 Get Health Check

Gets information about a specified health check. Send a GET request to the/2013-04-01/healthcheck/health check ID resource. Formore information about using the console to perform this operation, see Amazon Route 53 Health Checks and DN...

AWS Route 53 List Health Checks

Retrieve a list of your health checks. Send a GET request to the/2013-04-01/healthcheck resource. The response to this request includes aHealthChecks element with zero or more HealthCheck child elements.By default, the list of health checks is dis...

AWS Route 53 Create Hosted Zone

Creates a new public hosted zone, used to specify how the Domain Name System (DNS)routes traffic on the Internet for a domain, such as, and its subdomains. ImportantPublic hosted zones can't be converted to a private hosted zone or vic...

AWS Route 53 Change Resource Record Sets

Create, change, update, or delete authoritative DNS information on all Amazon Route 53 servers.Send a POST request to: /2013-04-01/hostedzone/Amazon Route 53 hosted ZoneID/rrset resource. The request body must include a document with a...

AWS Route 53 List Resource Record Sets

Lists the resource record sets in a specified hosted zone. ListResourceRecordSets returns up to 100 resource record sets at a time in ASCII order, beginning at a position specified by the name and type elements. The action sorts results...

AWS Route 53 List Hosted Zones By Name

Retrieves a list of your hosted zones in lexicographic order. Send a GETrequest to the /2013-04-01/hostedzonesbyname resource. The response includes aHostedZones child element for each hosted zone created by the current AWSaccount. Lis...

AWS Route 53 Test D N S Answer

Gets the value that Amazon Route 53 returns in response to a DNS request for a specified record name and type. You can optionally specify the IP address of a DNS resolver, an EDNS0 client subnet IP address, and a subnet mask.

AWS Route 53 Create Traffic Policy

Creates a traffic policy, which you use to create multiple DNS resource record sets forone domain name (such as or one subdomain name (such a POST request to the /2013-04-01/trafficpolicy resource. The request ...

AWS Route 53 Create Traffic Policy Version

Creates a new version of an existing traffic policy. When you create a new version of atraffic policy, you specify the ID of the traffic policy that you want to update and aJSON-formatted document that describes the new version. You use traffic po...

AWS Route 53 Create Traffic Policy Instance

Creates resource record sets in a specified hosted zone based on the settings in aspecified traffic policy version. In addition, CreateTrafficPolicyInstanceassociates the resource record sets with a specified domain name (such as orsu...

AWS Route 53 Update Traffic Policy Instance

Updates the resource record sets in a specified hosted zone that were created based onthe settings in a specified traffic policy version.Send a POST request to the /2013-04-01/trafficpolicyinstance/traffic policy ID resource. The reques...

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